This was the second morning that I put the eye mask on at 0530 and grabbed another couple of hours. I guess that it looks like we won’t make it north of the Gulf Islands today. No worries, we still have ten days to get to Port McNeil. The weather is wonderful and it is hard to not slow down and enjoy it. Thinking of the first Narrows coming up, Dodd, and starting to think about tides; first refill my coffee cup. Knocking a project a day off of the list and the aft cabin is slowly not looking like a stowage locker. The boat is running good, knock on my head, and the food is wonderful. Becky is taking the direction of the Captain well and is having s good time.I broke out the sprouter yesterday and we have some seeds swelling already and will have some salad mixings soon. Managing to shave every couple of days and feeling good.

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