By Debbie: Wow, what a week we’ve had.  After leaving Salt Spring Island, a small farmer paradise we headed north to Naniamo.  It’s grown a bit in 40 years but still really beautiful with mountains forming the backdrop and a busy harbor at its entrance.  Then we headed across the Straits of Georgia to the Jervis inlet and dropped anchor at Harmony Island Marine Park   Quiet, tranquil and our first kayaking.  Paddling around these little islands met some seals as well as the owner of one of the private islands in this group. Nicely he plans to donate his island to the BC government to be part of the marine park.  The next day we headed to Princess Louisa Marine Park.  All of British Columbia is beautiful but Princess Louisa Inlet is magnificent.  It is like Yosemite on the water.  Steep granite mountains with multiple waterfalls.  Our plans had been to moor at the dock but lucky for us it was full so we found ourselves a place at the base of a waterfall.  Two nights falling asleep to the sound of water falling is like a bit of heaven.  Blazing sunny weather made for perfect kayaking with the 5 resident seals (also known as little buddies) yesterday before leaving the inlet Paul decided to take us on an epic hike (no trail, in a rainforest) to a cave we could see above the timberline.  Becky and I decided it was a bonding experience as we were sliding down logs on our butts.  It added to the adventure.  Now we’re in Pender Harbor waiting for our floatplane to take us back to reality, while Paul and Becky continue to head north.


By Becky:  We are currently in Powell River scooting North in what will be long days to make sure we get to Lagoon Cove by the time our daughters arrive.  Debbie and Jim caught a ride to the floatplane on a large catamaran and we are missing their company.  After they left a 150’ sailboat of the ‘rich and famous’ tied up at the dock next to us.  It was pretty funny watching the attention it drew.  Every eye was on it and it boggled my mind as well as most of the others in the bay.   It also killed all access to any Internet access we had been enjoying…. I am not sure why but something about its electronics.

We are picking up a shrimp trap and a fishing pole and will see how our foraging skills are this year.   The day started out with ‘fresh’ seas (that means hang on!)  The sun is now burning through and we are hoping to continue with our amazing weather.   I am keeping an eye on the emails from work (thank you Monica and Michele) but it all seems so far away from the amazing adventure I am on.

We continue to eat extremely well and Paul and I are feeling very blessed.


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